New Medicare cards lead to increase in scams

medicare scam
A recent change to Medicare cards is raising concerns about scams.

Missouri Senior Medicare Patrol is concerned about an increase in scams because of new Medicare cards recently issued in Missouri. The user’s Social Security number was removed from the cards, causing more phone call scams to get personal information and collect money for fraudulent services.

“Medicare is not going to call you and ask you for your information that goes for Social Security, the IRS, banks,” Senior Medicare Director Rona McNally of Missouri SMP, said. “They have your information.”

If you call Medicare officials, they will ask questions to verify your identity. However, they will not call you to ask for personal information.

With 10,000 people per day being eligible for Medicare, the SMP is focusing on scam prevention.

“It’s really important to curb that fraud and abuse to extend the life of Medicare and Medicaid programs,” McNally said.

Officials encourage people to read their Medicare summary notices to verify accuracy. Make sure you received the services, check that the date of occurrence is correct and that your physician actually ordered these services.

“We hear about fraud year around,” McNally said.

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