Vote: What Do You Want to Know about Medicare-for-All?

We received dozens of questions, and selected five that our reporters are most interested in exploring. Vote for which question you want answered in the poll below, or, if you’re unable to see the form, click on this link.

We’ll be collecting votes until Wednesday, April 10th.

Which question should we investigate?
Most versions of Medicare for All would dramatically change the medical industry. How do the various plans deal with the job losses—among say insurers, medical billers, etc.—that could result from these changes?Submitted by Andrew HayworthWhat works in other countries? What doesn’t? What lessons have other countries learned about healthcare?Submitted by AnonymousHow much will Medicare for All cost the country—and individuals? How much will it save?Submitted by AnonymousWhy Medicare for All? Medicare doesn’t cover everything and has huge gaps.Submitted by AnonymousHow would the bill work for non-US citizens and immigrants? Have candidates addressed this?Submitted by Anonymous

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